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Professionally trained and dressed in modern sporting attire, is what sets Pakasai Country 's team of caddies apart. In addition to sharing with players their extensive golf course knowledge, they also offer world-renowned friendly and intuitive Thai hospitality.

Why take a caddie? We want our visitors to Pakasai Country Club to really get the most out of their round and strongly recommend that they take a caddie. Golf course is a traditional links with a number of challenging drives and blind shots that are sometimes not immediately obvious to the visiting golfer.

Our caddies will guide you round the course and are experts at finding the odd shot which may have strayed off line.

We consistently receive positive feed back from visitors that taking a caddie significantly increased the enjoyment of their round – particularly when it was the first time they had visited the Club.

While the Rules do not expressly so state, the following are examples of duties the caddie may perform for the player without the authority of the player:

1.) Search for the players ball as provided in Rule 12 – 1.
2.) Place the players clubs in a hazard – Exception 1 under Rule 13 – 4.
3.) Repair old hole plugs and ball marks – Rule 16 – 1a(vi) and Rule 16 – 1c.
4.) Remove loose impediments on the line of putt or elsewhere – Rules 16 – 1a and 23 – 1.
5.) Mark the position of a ball without lifting it Rule 20 – 1.
6.) Clean the players ball – Rule 21.
7.) Remove movable obstructions – Rule 24 – 1.

The player may have a caddie carry his clubs and have additional people carry items other than clubs like a rain suit, cap, umbrella or food and beverage. The additional people would be considered outside agencies, and any items carried by them would also be considered outside agencies while in their possession.

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